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On May 15, 2013, Tsinghua university intelligent controlling technology achievements settled in Daguangming Group. An impressive signing ceremony was held in Daguanging Cultural center..Secretary of Shahe municipal party committee Qu Bin, mayor of Shahe ,Liu Guofang attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the signing process. Wang Jianjiang,Vice Mayor, presided over the ceremony.In order to implement the national energy conservation policy, the intelligent controlling technology ,designed, researched and developed by Tsinghua University, implemented by Shanghai bluebird company ,settled in Daguangming Group. This system replaced the original DCS controlling system, which not only optimizes the original system parameters, with automatic storage optimal system parameter values and running automatically, also saves 5% energy for the group after the implementation.The implementation of Tsinghua University intelligent controlling system, indicates that in intelligent management and the saving energy and reducing consumption, the group goes in leading class in the same industry.
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